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At Tenant Score, we understand that you need to screen your tenants as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our experienced team has designed specialized packages for the property management industry all while keeping your costs down. We also offer custom packages for additional specialization.

Social Security Validation
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Education Validation
Employment Verification

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Tenant Score by True Hire is the one-stop source for nationwide background checks and substance abuse screening programs performed on tenants by property managers and owners, housing authorities, and real estate agents. With more than 20 years of experience, True Hire has developed affordable packages specifically tailored to rental organizations. We are committed to providing rental companies with outstanding customer service, low cost solutions, and quick results. Services include: TenantScore, Identity and Credit Reports, Eviction Reports, Employment/Education Verifications, Reference Checks, Criminal Records, Sex Offender Searches, Drug Testing, and more. We can also do checks internationally. All screenings conform to FCRA regulations. Visit our main site for our full list of employee background screening services. Check out our dedicated sites for nanny background checks, background checks for camps, background checks for churches, and background checks for non-profits and volunteer organizations.


Our reports are fast, accurate, and easy to read. Tenant Score takes the guesswork out of tenant screening.


We help you keep your bases covered by ensuring that our specialized screening process is compliant with all applicable state and federal screening laws.

Tenant Management

Our Tenant Management Center uses a one-stop shop approach with built in email reminders, tracking tools, and document management features to simplify the decision-making process.


Tenant Score gets is right the first time. Thanks to our sophisticated combination of technology and personal expertise, you won’t have to worry about false-positives or missed records.

Electronic Release

Applicants can sign their background check authorization forms quickly and easily with our digital mouse signature tool.

24/7 Access

Tenant Score’s secure web portal is available 24/7 – anytime, anywhere.

Tenant Pay

Our flexible payment options make it simple to decide whether you want to have the applicant pay up front or have your organization pay for each background check directly.