Tenant Screening Service Descriptions

Tenant Score

A fully-automated risk analysis for your tenet candidate, which looks at 16 different criteria to make its decision, and scores each candidate in one of four levels. Additionally, to further reduce hassle for you, our risk analysis system can automatically generate a rental agreement or denial letter according to your needs.

Credit Report

A Credit Bureau report details an applicant’s credit history and when used correctly, can give an accurate sense of a person’s reliability. It also gives an accurate listing of all current and former employers. This report includes the credit score.

Eviction Report

This includes a national search of eviction court records on file including tenant judgment for possession and money, unlawful detainers, tenant judgments for rent, failure to pay rent, writs and warrants of eviction.

Social Security Number Trace

This report is critical in establishing positive identification on an applicant, and can uncover hidden information. Social Security Traces verify the registrant’s name, former names (AKA’s), current address, and previous addresses.

TrueCrim (National Criminal/Sex Offender Search)

This database is an exclusive product that searches the largest repositories of criminal records, including sex offender registries for the entire county.  Also included are known fugitive database, homeland security databases, and more than 130 million individual criminal records from national and state agencies! *Should the National Database Search locate a record, we will go to the county of the source and verify the record.

County Criminal Search for Current County of Residence

A County Criminal Background Check can help you avert violence issues and lessen your liability. This criminal check is done at the courthouse of the county that the applicant currently resides in.  A typical check will show felonies and misdemeanors. (Subject to state regulations.)

Employment Verification (Current Employer)

Verifying a tenant’s current employment assures the accuracy of the application and that the potential tenant can pay the rent. Current job performance information is provided.

Former Landlord Reference

Confirming basic tenant information with a previous landlord—timeliness of rent payment, cleanliness, respectfulness toward property and neighbors, and general character reference will be sought.

Substance Abuse Screening

We have testing centers located throughout the country to accommodate your needs. We offer full compliance with DOT guidelines and regulation. Negative results are available instantly. Positive results are reviewed by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) and available in 24-28 hours.